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Colleen McCarvill – Owner and Head Trainer

Diamond in the Ruff founder Colleen McCarvill is an internationally certified professional dog trainer and behaviour specialist who is sought after by dog handlers and dog trainers across western Canada.

Diamond in the Ruff has helped thousands of dogs and dog handlers become better teams using gentle yet effective techniques based on sound research. Unlike other dog training programs, we use our hearts and our minds, not our hands, to treat all levels of problem behaviour and guide your dog toward being a happy, emotional healthy family member.

Being one of the first POSITIVE dog trainers, Diamond in the Ruff was founded by Colleen to give dog owners a kinder, more cutting edge approach to dog training. Since then we’ve expanded to offer private and group dog training in a range of short and long-term sessions in Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St. Albert and surrounding areas.

Dog handlers everywhere trust Colleen because her extensive experience and education delivers immediate results.



Colleen’s dog training education includes:

Are you looking for a dog trainer? Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Beaumont and surrounding area dog owners turn to Colleen McCarvill’s proven dog training techniques to help with all kinds of dog behaviour. 


Jas Deol – Trainer

Jas relied on aversive training methods after his family purchased their first puppy, a Manchester/Jack Russell terrier mix. This resulted in a reactive and anxious dog. Years later, after adopting a fearful mixed-breed dog, he realized that aversive methods were not effective or humane. Since then, he has used force-free training methods backed by science which has resulted in a much more confident, happy and willing training partner.

After taking group classes and private sessions with Colleen with his own dogs, he started to realize he had a strong passion for dog training and rehabilitation. He became more intrigued on learning the science behind these methods and jumped at the opportunity to learn from one of the most respected trainers in the Edmonton area.

Jas has just recently completed his CPDT-KA exam and is a certified professional dog trainer. He also is a Certified Management Accountant.


Sharon Deol – Trainer

Sharon adopted a mixed-breed dog with Jas and initially relied on aversive training methods. After seeing her dog’s behaviour take a turn for the worse, she sought out a different trainer who used science-based training methods for fearful dogs.

After witnessing first-hand how force-free methods help a dog flourish, she was instantly sold on using these humane training practices with all types of animals. Not only did her dog flourish, she also strengthened her bond with her dog. Sharon really enjoyed seeing the successes of force-free training and behaviour modification when working with Colleen.

She knew she had to continue working with Diamond in the Ruff in any capacity. She enjoys every moment when working with Diamond in the Ruff clients and based on the reviews that we are consistently receiving, our clients love Sharon just as much.

Sharon is also very active in the rescue community and takes pride in helping families create a strong bond with their rescued dog. She has also gained several years of experience in working with misunderstood power breeds. Sharon has completed all of the required apprenticeship hours, and then some, while mentoring under Colleen.

Sharon has experience in both private training and classes. Her diligent studying and continued evolution as a dog trainer led to her recent successful completion of the CPDT-KA exam.


Andrea Goldsmith- Trainer

After adopting a 5-year old min-pin, Andrea Goldsmith took her first formal dog training class and soon caught the training bug continuing on to start training in agility and within ten months was competing monthly. In the same period as the agility training was taking off, she also started fostering for a rescue. Fostering dogs with many different needs and behavior issues took Andrea into the world of dog behavior, specifically dealing with leash/barrier reactivity, and fear reactivity. From day one she was an advocate for Force Free methods within the rescue community, seeing first hand how these methods helped the dogs to learn to trust and thrive.

Andrea then took her passion for force-free training further by helping to found the Alberta Force Free Alliance, where she continues to advocate and teach about force-free methods as a board member of this organization.

When an opportunity came along to mentor under Colleen McCarvill, she jumped at the chance to further her education and work with our team. Andrea has recently begun her apprenticeship with Diamond in the Ruff, but is already excelling and plans to challenge the CPDT – KA exam in the near future. She recently attended the Debbie Jacobs Seminar – A guide To Living with and Training a Fearful Dog. Andrea is also a Registered Nurse, currently a Nurse Educator, and we are so very lucky to have her apart of our team!


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