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Thank you for teaching us an emergency recall word. At 8:30 this evening Ruby and I encountered a coyote on our walk. It was just sitting there and we were walking, Ruby was off leash and about 10 feet ahead of me. It started walking towards us, then I realized what it was so I freaked out and started calling Ruby to me. By this time she had noticed and and started jogging towards it. I used her emergency recall word and thank god she turned around and came straight to me. When I started yelling it stopped walking towards us. I leashed up Ruby and kept an eye on it. It watched us for a few seconds then turned around and walked away. Once I couldn’t see it anymore we turned around and took a different route home. I’m so glad you instilled in us how important it is to practice the word once a week, cause I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if she didn’t come back to me. Thank you.

Christy in Edmonton, AB 

We recently had Colleen McCarvill from " Diamond in the Ruff " come work with our 6 1/2 month old Beagle named Samson. Colleen was recommended to us by our Vet. First of all the nutritional information she gave us was very valuable, also some toys that would be good for him to have. She is very skilled in working with animals. The skills she taught us to teach him commands were good, especially one in particular, the EMERGENCY RECALL which could save his or any dogs life . Our beagle caught on very quickly to the skills he was learning. Her love and kindness of animals is very evident in her. We would recommend her highly.
We also appreciate the ongoing support she provides.

Bonnie and Bob in Kelowna, BC

Colleen's puppy class is amazing! We opted to come clear across the city to attend by our vet's suggestion. We are so glad we have made the trip as things have really changed the last time we took a puppy class (10 years ago)! It's such a positive, fun, experience and we just love attending. I find that our new golden retriever has better training at this age than our older one did at this stage. Thank you so much Colleen & trainers! We would highly recommend Diamond in the Ruff to everyone with a new puppy.

Nadine in Sherwood Park, AB



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