Build your bond with your dog by learning together.

Take advantage of dog training sessions that accommodate your busy schedule and take place in your home, and your neighbourhood. Diamond in the Ruff travels all over Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St. Albert and surrounding areas. Whether you have a puppy, an older dog, or several dogs, private dog training is a fast, effective and proactive approach. You and your dog will love our positive, rewards-based instruction.

During your Private Dog Training Session(s) we can address:

  • Manners, including polite greetings, loose leash walking, waiting at the door, coming when called and sharing toys and treats.

  • Problem behaviour, such as jumping on people, pulling on the leash, barking, anxiety, shyness and guarding things. Handlers with an aggressive dog sometimes feel more relaxed working on this behaviour at home.  Colleen specializes in dealing with dogs experiencing Dog/Dog aggression or Dog/Human aggression issues, without the use of pain, fear or intimidation.

  • Puppy basics, including house training, chewing, puppy nipping, handling, socialization and basic dog obedience commands like sit, down, come, stay, watch me, drop it… and many more!

Group Classes

Group Classes are a fantastic learning tool for dogs and owners alike. They offer an opportunity for dogs to become comfortable with other dogs, individuals and environments while learning a variety of skills ranging from trick training, scent detection or agility to certifications like Canine Good Citizen. 

Group classes vary by season and interest. Here is an outline of our class offerings, but to see what is coming up please check our Book Online page.

Private Training Packages

Ruff Around

the Edges

A plan is established for your specific needs, practiced and set in motion, and then Diamond in the Ruff returns to ensure successful progress. This program has TWO 60-minute in-home private training sessions.

Program 1



Rowdy Rover: Program 2 includes THREE 60-minute sessions. This additional 60-minute session is often out in public with Diamond in the Ruff and will help you to practice what you've learned, with support and a plan to maintain your success.

Program 2



This program is designed to not only give you the tools to set both you and your dog up for success but also to practice those new skills with progress under supervision and instruction. FOUR 60-minute sessions; with the possibility of some sessions taking place in public.

Program 3



This FIVE 60-minutes session training program is designed to address reactivity and anxiety, even in the most extreme cases. Many people choose this option if they are experiencing reactivity issues where the dog has already failed (snapped or growled at people or fought with other dogs) or if they're managing issues with more than one dog. 

Program 4

Ruff N' Tumble 

The best puppy kindergarten that Edmonton has to offer! Learn 16 cues and tips for housetraining and much more!

Tricks & Problem Solving

Challenge your dog with problem solving and build your bond through adorable tricks! 

Introduction to Rally Obedience

Build your bond with your dog and increase their focus in this 6 week class.

Rescue Rover

You've adopted a dog! Now what? Rescue Rover helps new rescue dog owners get a sense of their dog and areas that may require training.

Canine Good Citizen

After puppy classes have come and gone, keep working with your dog and work towards a Canine Good Citizen Certification!


Recall Rover & Loose Leash Walking

Achieve the walks of your dreams, both on and off leash!

New classes being developed and added all the time!


Puppy Program

Private Training

Pump up your puppy training with this hybrid training option! Whether you are a first time dog owner or raising a puppy for the first time, this program will help you to get started on the right paw. Program includes one 60-minute personalized in-home session before or after participation in the six 1-hour Ruff N' Tumble Puppy Kindergarten. 



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