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Living with a senior or special needs dog.

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” – Sydney Jeanne Seward   Senior dogs and dogs with special needs often require a little extra TLC, but the joy that they bring to our lives can be …. Read More

Associations instead of Punishment

An unfortunate misconception perpetuated recently by a certain reality TV personality “dog trainer” is that punishment is the way to redirect a dog when they are “misbehaving”.  It seems to be the foundation for working on symptoms (barking, lunging, growling) rather …. Read More

Jumping Up…. Ignoring just won’t cut it.

Is ignoring behaviour really a more humane way to train?   Is it more effective,  or are we actually giving our ‘student’ only half of the answer when trying to stop unwanted behaviours? Let’s take a look at JUMPING UP for example.  This …. Read More

FUN FACT FRIDAY….Did you know?

Dogs can see in Color! Contrary to popular belief, dogs can in fact see in color.  Their color vision is a little less broad than ours but they are able to distinguish many of the colors that we can. While …. Read More

Hump day..Horse training. Clicker Training – not just for dogs.

Wednesdays…HUMP DAY, will now be dedicated to Horse Training with the same Force Free ‘Spirit’ that we approach every creature that we work with.  We will be following the progress of our new Rescue Horse who we’ve aptly named Spirit …. Read More

Private in-home training – why it’s become the option of choice

Participation in group classes with puppies and dogs has been the norm for decades now.  It was thought that being in a group environment would provide not only ongoing training instruction but also the all important socialization opportunities that most …. Read More

Special Dogs In Need Spotlight – Angel’s Animal Rescue – Merritt, BC

From time to time – we will be using our Blogs to spotlight special dogs in need with the various FANTASTIC rescues in our area. In this blog, our focus will be on Keeper and Angel’s Animal Rescue – Merritt, …. Read More

“Ferocious Friday”…hardly, dealing with a reactive dog.

First, a little myth busting – Myth #1) Reactive dogs are truly aggressive.  In fact, most act out of fear, a loss of confidence due to lack of structure,  or anxiety, often driven by a dog being allowed to establish undesired, …. Read More

Trivia Tuesday….

Have you ever wondered why a dog’s nose is always wet? A cold, wet nose doesn’t always indicate good health and a dry nose doesn’t necessarily mean a dog is sick…but..did you know that – A dog is covered with …. Read More

FUN FACT FRIDAY – Clicker Training – Did you know….

Clicker Training is an animal training method based on behavioral  psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it.  Another name for a clicker is a reinforcement marker. In this short video, Hammie our miniature pig learns how to play the …. Read More

Training Tip Tuesday

Mental stimulation is grossly underestimated for it’s value in keeping a puppy/dog happy, satisfied….and tuckered. Most of us understand the importance of giving a dog outlets for his physical energy but what about his prey drive, scenting abilities and other unique and wonderful qualities?  Are we …. Read More

Kassidy and her pups – an update (with pictures and news update) that will melt your heart. I’ve had the good fortune to have been able to keep in touch with Kassidy’s foster family.  Thanks to the exceptionally kind and loving care given by Kassidy’s foster family, little mama and her 9 chubby puppies are safe, warm and thriving. I’ve spent a lot …. Read More