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We recently had Colleen McCarvill from " Diamond in the Ruff " come work with our 6 1/2 month old Beagle named Samson. Colleen was recommended to us by our Vet. First of all the nutritional information she gave us was very valuable, also some toys that would be good for him to have. She is very skilled in working with animals. The skills she taught us to teach him commands were good, especially one in particular, the EMERGENCY RECALL which could save his or any dogs life . Our beagle caught on very quickly to the skills he was learning. Her love and kindness of animals is very evident in her. We would recommend her highly.
We also appreciate the ongoing support she provides.

Bonnie and Bob Hoffman - Kelowna, B.C

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! We can't even begin to say how happy we are with Colleen!! She came to our house a couple of days after we brought our puppy home. The information she provided our family with is invaluable. She is so positive, upbeat and inspiring!! We feel that we now have all the tools and information to raise our puppy into a well behaved, happy, healthy, fun loving, dog!!

We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the BEST dog trainer around!!

A huge thanks to you Colleen from our entire family!!

The Webb's in Kelowna

I took my first puppy kindergarten class with Colleen several years back. My Veterinarian had recommended her. It was so fun and I learned so much that it sparked a major interest in dog training. My previous dog training experience was in the seventies before positive training. I couldn’t believe how different the positive methods were. My dog loved it! Since that time I have gone into breeding and have taken Colleen?s classes with all of my dogs. It became such a passion that I took a course through the Animal Behavior College and became a Certified Dog Trainer. I did the apprenticeship portion under Colleen. I now am an assistant trainer with Diamond in The Ruff. I am so thankful that my first training experience was with Colleen. She is always positive, informative and fun. This is not the case with all trainers. I have the utmost respect for her and I continually learn from her. She has a passion and caring that shows through in everything she does. Her slogan is training with our hearts and minds, not our hands. She lives by that every day with her own dogs as well as teaching others how to train their own dogs in that same fashion.

Paula Campbell

“I had the fortunate experience of meeting Colleen through a mutual friend, and shortly thereafter, registered our new puppy Boomer in her Ruff n’ Tumble classes. Our experience over the next six weeks was an extremely positive one, due largely in part to Colleen’s great spirit and obvious passion for her profession. Using positive re-enforcement within the instruction process allowed for very effective training and handling results, as well as created an inspiring learning environment for myself and Boomer. Colleen was always quick to educate us on the rationale behind her training methods, and was able to bridge the gap between the canine language and our own. She is an excellent resource, has a keen understanding of dog body
language and behaviours, and is always willing to share her experience and knowledge. We have since enrolled in agility classes and are continuing to reap the benefits of Colleen’s expertise. I would highly recommend Colleen’s services to anyone seeking to have a better relationship with their dog.”

Sarah – Calgary, AB

We met Colleen in January 2009, when we registered our boxer Relic into her puppy kindergarten class. We had a blast the first couple of classes and then one day Relic would not settle down during class, he was very vocal, was pulling on the leash, and overall was very disruptive. I remember breaking down and crying because I couldn’t control my dog. I was so embarrassed as everyone in our puppy class just sat and stared at us. Colleen came over with some reassurance and explained that puppies are just like humans, they can have good days and bad days. With a little bit of work the rest of the classes went very well. We took so much away from puppy Kindergarten that I couldn’t wait to continue with Relic’s training. When I contacted Colleen to register for the next class I voiced some concerns we were having with him on walks. He would bark, lunge and pull as we walked near people and other dogs. It was almost to the point where I didn’t want to take him out for walks because he was too hard to control. We ended up doing a couple private sessions with Colleen and all I can say is what a difference. Relic is like a whole new dog, he has so much more confidence and he is so happy. We work with him every day to build that confidence and obedience. Colleen is great, she is so supportive and encouraging when you have set backs or when you just want to brag how good your dog is doing. I call her on a weekly basis to update her on Relic’s progress. She has been such a help to us as we try to get through all our puppy issues. I would recommend Colleen and Diamond in the Ruff to anyone who is looking for an amazing trainer.

Thank you Colleen for making our little family happy again

Relic, Brittany and Ryan

We had the wonderful experience of meeting Colleen just weeks ago when I was at the end of my patience for our golden doodle “Buddy”. We have a very busy household with three kids and unfortunately were not fully equipped with knowing how to train and handle him. As a result, his behaviour became unruly (no fault of his). I called Colleen really out of desperation as I didn’t know how to exist in my own home with our dog anymore because he was driving me and my family crazy. Within minutes of Colleen arriving, his behaviour started changing and we learned ways to train him effectively and for his specific problems related to being in our home. By the end of our session, we were totally overwhelmed with information and totally blown away that he was responding to commands!! Wow, was that our puppy? She left us with the confidence we needed to properly train him and with her ongoing support we felt that things might just be okay. Things are good now, as we are still a work in progress, but at least we are equipped with the right tools to help us train him and best of all, we are finding peace in our house where before we felt we would never have any! Thank you Colleen for making it possible for our dog to be happier in our home and for us to help him be the best dog he can be! We are grateful to you for giving us your guidance and we are forever changed!

The Mitchell Family including “Buddy”

We first heard about Colleen through our Vet when we went for our puppy shots. That same week, 2 of our friends recommended her. Within the next couple of weeks, we had heard rave reviews about her kindness and success with dogs and puppies from several people at the dog park and on our walks as well. We had to call. Our wonderful but very challenging puppy needed help, or was it US who needed Colleen's expertise? After speaking with Colleen on the phone, we were convinced that she knew what she was talking about and we decided we owed it to ourselves and to our puppy DEVO to book a private session. We had a laundry list of "issues" that we wanted to address and we were assured that we would be able to cover all of it, and then some, in our session. We needed proof, and proof is what we got! The moment Colleen arrived, we saw what everyone had been talking about. From her initial greeting to her gentle, calm approach while working with my large family and rambunctious puppy, we were blown away. We were shown not only how to respond consistently so that our puppy learns quickly but Colleen also spent time showing our 4 children how to get our puppy to listen to them as well. We were amazed at how enthusiastically our pup responded but also how he obviously understood what was being asked of him. FINALLY! Colleen left our home after just 1 two hour session and completely restored our excitement in having a puppy and faith that we can handle everything as it comes. One of the most important and valuable tools that Colleen taught us was the EMERGENCY RECALL that we desperately needed when our puppy got out an open door just 1 week after we saw Colleen. It worked like a charm, just as she promised it would. We're convinced that if we had not had that command to use in just such an emergency, we may have lost our puppy that day. Thank you Colleen for teaching us how to properly communicate and train our puppy. Devo is so well behaved that people are now stopping us on the street and believe me, we recommend you with as much confidence as other owners did when we first heard about you.

The Conner family, kisses from Devo too.


I have to thank you today. I used your emergency recall duck,duck,goose today on my beloved Tanner and it worked. We where at Mission Hill Dog park which is 8 acres of rolling hills and grass. Beautiful in the summer and in the winter as well but many kids use the hills for sledding even though it’s suppose to be an off leash dog park. We sometimes have to cross their paths to get back to our vehicle. On this day Tanner happened, unbeknownst, to me to be right in the middle as kids where zooming down narrowly missing him and he took off in fright. He got out on the road and headed down a block and across a street. I’m calling his name and he’s not listening he’s so scared. I started my recall and it stopped him in his tracks and he looked back at me. I had my new big winter coat on and he didn’t recognize me so he hesitated and I called again Duck,duck,goose and he came running to me. I am soooo very thankful you taught me this very important lesson. 

Ann, Vernon, BC


Thank you for teaching us an emergency recall word. At 8:30 this evening Ruby and I encountered a coyote on our walk. It was just sitting there and we were walking, Ruby was off leash and about 10 feet ahead of me. It started walking towards us, then I realized what it was so I freaked out and started calling Ruby to me. By this time she had noticed and and started jogging towards it. I used her emergency recall word and thank god she turned around and came straight to me. When I started yelling it stopped walking towards us. I leashed up Ruby and kept an eye on it. It watched us for a few seconds then turned around and walked away. Once I couldn’t see it anymore we turned around and took a different route home. I’m so glad you instilled in us how important it is to practice the word once a week, cause I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if she didn’t come back to me. Thank you.

Christy, Edmonton, AB